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Roxy Red Lead Primer

Tk 460.00
Color: Red Lead Primer
  • Product Type: Marine Paint
  • Color: Red Lead Primer
  • Capacity: 0.91L, 3.64L, 18.2L
  • Apply Area: Primer
  • Roxy Red Lead Primer is most commonly used to coat the exterior of boats, Ship that has constant exposure to water. These
    oil-based paints provide a durable surface, but the paint takes a long time to dry. Roxy Red Lead Primer is high protective enamel and primer imparts a shiny new look to surfaces painted with this finish. It thereby fungus, serves as a protective shield around the painted surface of the ship. Roxy Marine Paint gives protect your ship from antifungal, corrosion in deep water. Roxy Red Lead Primer is air-drying to a hard, usually glossy, finish, used for coating to interior and exterior of the ship.