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About Us

The oldest paint manufacturing industry of the country Roxy is proud of being in a position to offer a wide range of paints and varnishes that include Plastic, Velvet interior paint, Weather guard exterior paint, sealer and primers are of water based family. Synthetic enamel paint and marine paint are of oil based group. Hammer, epoxy, chloro-rubber paint, road and runway marking paint, tennis court paint are of industrial segment. Others are cement paint, thinners, rust and paint removers.
Quality is never an ending journey. Making sure strong foothold in this dynamic global market, Roxy has invested vigorously for its exclusive and modern R & D unit dedicating itself equally at laboratory, plant and customer level to ensure constant quest for quality improvement and research into its present and future product configuration and presentations.
The proverbial "old is gold" concept is only meaningful if the future looks brighter and consistent with the past. Roxy's future expansion master plan includes establishing its own backward linkage project for producing time tested quality as well as developing new paint formulations to meet customer's satisfaction.
The history of paint industry in Bangladesh, in other words is Roxy Paints Ltd. It is not only because of its uninterrupted manufacturing of quality paints since 1953, it is more so because of Roxy's being the pioneering national entity. Roxy survived the protracted battle for existence. But its success was manifest not only just in survival; it won the hearts of the millions with world class consistent quality and proper customer service. Our users bear ample testimony of a national paint being international in quality and again at an affordable cost per unit of surface coating area.
First Generation Board of Directors:
 Late Hazi Khurshidur Rahman Late Hazi Mohammad Ishaqe  Late Hazi Lutfar Rahman