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Ronger Mela


Choosing the right color is very important for any paint job where it is at home, office or anywhere. Color can help you emphasize or diminish the architectural features of your room.

Roxy Computerized colors tinting system 'Ronger Mela' is the latest advanced technology designed to help mix and match colors, it is one of the most effective ways to shape your surroundings today. Roxy Paints Ltd has introduced the Tinting system - Ronger Mela, where paint users would get any preferred shades in few minutes. Roxy Paints has tied up with the leading colorants company Evonik, Australia for colorants supply & other technical expertise and brought the 100% automatic dispensers from Fast & Fluid Management, a leading Company from Netherland. We ensure that any required Color can be created at the touch of a button, within minutes, through 'Ronger Mela' computerized colors tinting system.

'Ronger Mela' computerized colors tinting system is designed to tint water based paint, for exterior and interior use. Roxy tinted paint is a high quality, high performance and economical. You can visit any authorized dealers of Roxy computerized colors tinting system 'Ronger Mela' if any technical advice is required.

Million of color in a few minutes: