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Clear Varnish

Tk 105.00
Color: Nil
  • Product Type: Paint
  • Color: Nill
  • Capacity: 200ML, 0.455Ltr, 0.91Ltr, 3.64Ltr,
  • Apply Area: Metal and Wooden structures
  • Roxy Synthetic Clear Varnish is Transparent and high gloss protective coating for softwoods and hardwoods, which are composed of high grade alkyd resin having high solid content. It is ideally used for metal and wooden structures. Clear acrylic varnish is essential for all kinds of interior and exterior surfaces. Roxy Synthetic Clear Varnish is clear, and can provide long-term protection to all kinds of painted and treated surfaces. By applying Roxy Synthetic Clear Varnish to your surface, you'll be able to protect your surface from impacts, scratches and weather damage.